Wanna know why we named it qunb?

Each time we start a meeting with someone new, we’re asked the same question: “Kiew Unb? Gosh, how do you pronounce it?” while staring at us with that weird looks probably meaning “Do those guys realize how stupid it sounds in English?”. Here’s why we chose it.

#1. Because it’s easy to pronounce in any language

No. Wherever you come from, you probably got clogged years if you said it.

#2. Because the domain name was available

No. We wanted it enough to purchase it.

#3. Because it stands for something cool

Well, yes and no. Yes, it stands for?quantities &?numbers. And no, that’s not cool: it isn’t worth the pain of #1 nor the money of #2.

#4. Because there’s a hidden gem

Indeed dear Friend: you can read it upside down!

How cool is that? Uh??It’s called an?ambigram.?OK, it’s schoolboy humor, but the true story is that we chose it as a code name at first, and we’ve loved it so much that we’ve kept the name for good.

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